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Ms. Paula Noll
Grade 6 Math/Science/Religion
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Week of 1/26-1/30

***This is Catholic Schools Week.

***Don't forget---Mass on Mon. AM--Formal uniforms...gym clothes if you want to change later.

***Bowling is on Tues. PM after lunch--don't forget to wear your gym uniform that day.

****We are starting to run low on Clorox /Lysol wipes.  Any and all donations are graciously accepted.

Math 6--
***** There will  be a weekly quiz on Friday.

Mon.,1/26--6.5--Solving Equations by Mult.
Hmwk: pg. 284-5 #8-35

Tues., 1/27--6.6 Customary Measure    
Hmwk:  p.290-1 #5-28

Wed., 1/28--Changing Units of Customary Measure
Hmwk: pg.  294-5 #8-41

Thurs., 1/29--Review of Changing Customary Measure
Hmwk:  wksht, pg. 622 #35-42

Fri., 1/30--Weekly Quiz #21
Hmwk: Checkpoint #2 pg. 296 #1-7

Science 6--

Quiz on Sect 7.3 is Mon., 1/26.

Mon., 1/26--Quiz--Open Notebook Section 7.3
Tues., 1/27--Activity 7.3--Gases in Magma
Hmwk:  Analytical Questions

Wed., 1/28--Go over hmwk., write conclusions
Hmwk:  Finish

Thurs., 1/29--Volcanic Landforms....Notes and discuss pg. 99-102
Hmwk: Rd. pg. 99-103

Fri., 1/30--Geothermal Activity--Notes and discuss pg. 104-105, ??? pg. 105

Religion 7

****Ch. 14 test is on Thurs., 1/29.

Mon., 1/ 89-90, study guide, BLM 52 A/B

Tues., 1/27--BLM 53, 54 A/B, Crossword
hmwk:  Finish crossword

Wed., 1/28--Ch. 14 Review sheet, Review text review pg.
Hmwk: study test

Thurs., 1/29--Ch. 14 Test, Rd. pg. 93

Fri., 1/30--Rd. and discuss pg. 93-4, ??? Zacchaeus, study guide
hmwk:  Gospel Reflection

As we know, all the best laid plans sometimes get changed.  These plans are posted for the absent  student.  Do not use these to go ahead in work. Lessons are to be done with the class unless a student is absent.

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