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Ms. Paula Noll
Grade 6 Math/Science/Religion
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Week of 8/31-9/4

Here we go again!

Mon., 8/31


Tues., 9/1
7A--No class

7B--1.1 Variables/Expressions
Hmwk:  pg. 6-7 #2-52 Evens

8--Alg 1--1.1 Variables
Hmwk:  pg. 6-8 #2-42 evens

8--PreAlg--8.1 Relations/Functions
pg. 407-8 #1-35

6B--1.1 Decimals
Hmwk:  pg. 6-7 #8-34 evens

Wed., 9/2

6B--1.2 Estimating Whole  Numbers
Hmwk:  pg. 10-11  #11-41  ALL

7B--1.2 Order of Operations
Hmwk:  pg. 11 #2-44 evens, 52-60 ALL

7A--1.1 Variables/Expressions
Hmwk:  pg. 6-7 #2-52 Evens

8 PreAlg.--8.2 Equations with 2 Variables
Hmwk:  pg. 412-13  #1-17, 42-46

Thurs., 9/3

7B--Writing/Evaluating Expressions
Hmwk:  pg. 16-17 #1-32  ALL

7A--1.2 Order of Operations
Hmwk:  pg. 11 #2-44 evens, 52-60 ALL

8  PreAlg--8.2 pt 2--Equations with 2 variables
Hmwk:  pg. 412-13 #18-36, 39-41

8 Alg I--1.3 Real Numbers
Hmwk:  pg. 19-21 #2-66 evens

6B--1.3 Proportions
Hmwk:  pg. 14-15 #7-39  ALL

Fri., 9/4

6B--Weekly Quiz #1
Hmwk:  None

8 Alg. I--Weekly Quiz #1
Hmwk:  None

8 PreAlg.--Weekly Quiz #1
Hmwk:  None

7A--Weekly Quiz #1
Hmwk:  None

7B--Weekly Quiz #1
Hmwk:  None

As we know, all the best laid plans sometimes get changed.  These plans are posted for the absent  student.  Do not use these to go ahead in work. Lessons are to be done with the class unless a student is absent.

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