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Ms. Paula Noll
Grade 6 Math/Science/Religion
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Week of 10/20-10/24

***This is a 4 day week. Parent conferences are on Friday of this week.  Have all parents signed up?

Sweaters/vests are required of both boys and girls.  

Thanks to those who donated to 4 for 4.  We are still accepting contributions.

Math 6--

No Weekly quiz this week.  Instead,  a Chapter 3 test is on Wed. of this week.

Mon., 10/20--Ch. 3 review
Hmwk: pg. 150-1 #1-35

Tues., 10/21--Ch. 3 test Review
Hmwk:  pg. 152 #1-31

Wed., 10/22--Ch. 3 Test.  
Hmwk:  Corrections, if any        

Thurs., 10/23--4.1--Divisibility
Hmwk:  pg.  160-1 #6-41

Fri., 10/24--No School for students--Parent Conferences
Hmwk: pg.

Science 6--

***Open notebook quiz Sect.5.4 on Thurs., 10/23.

Mon., 10/20--Sect. 5.4--Seafloor spread and subduction--Notes and discuss pg. 24-6
Hmwk: Rd. pg. 24-27
Tues.,10/21--Subduction--cont.Notes and discuss pg. 28-29
Hmwk: Act. 5.4.1--Sea Floor Profile

Wed., 10/22--correct hmwk, Puzzle Pieces, wkbk pg. 326-8
Hmwk:  Finish wkbk

Thurs., 10/23--correct wkbk, Quiz Section 5.4
Hmwk:  Finish wkbk

Fri., 10/24--No school for students--Parent Conferences

Religion 7

**Ch. 5 Test will be on Mon., 10/20.

Mon., 10/20--Ch. 5 Test--start Narrative Stained Glass

Tues., 10/21--Narrative Stained Glass Project

Wed., 10/22--Narrative Stained Glass--due beginning of Class on Thurs., 10/23
Hmwk:  Finish in class project if necessary

Thurs., 10/23--Jesus' Mission--Ditto 6.1
hmwk:  Gospel Reflection 10/26

Fri., 10/24--No school for students--Parent Conferences

As we know, all the best laid plans sometimes get changed.  These plans are posted for the absent student.  Do not use these to go ahead in work. Lessons are to be done with the class unless a student is absent.

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