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4th Grade Assignments
Friday, October 03, 2014

Math: Common Core Addition & Subtraction Activity

SS: Paleo and Archaic Indians-Compare and Contrast cultures- No Homework

Science: Food Web Movie and Journal

ELA- Allen-Test- Homework Read 15 minutes and summarize

ELA- Smith-Lesson Test; Spelling Test; Homework Read 15 minutes and summarize

5th Grade Assignments
Friday, October 3, 2014

Math: 9’s Test; & Finish Reviewing Topics 1-4

SS: Study for Ch. 2 test on Tuesday 10-7

Science: pg. 126-149 workbook

ELA- Brown- Period 1 & 4 Test, Silent Reading; Cause and effect worksheet & oral group read “Why Koala Has No Tail” in period 2; Period 5 Read “Why Koala Has No Tail” Compare story with “Quest for the Tree Kangaroo”

ELA- Halfacre: Period 1-Correct board work sentences; Period 2-Spelling; Period 3--Test & Answer Document; Period 4-Spelling test

6th Grade Assignments
Friday, October 3, 2014

Math: Daily Review-Quiz #6; Lesson 7-1 Adding Fractions in class

SS: Test

Science: Currents & Climate Worksheet in Class

ELA- Terry- Read Story Ch. 6; Verbs worksheets

ELA- York- Cold Read; Review sheet and basetball; quick flick

7th Grade Assignments
Friday, October 3, 2014

Math: Adding & Subtraction Fractions; workbook pg 29 (even problems)

SS: In class

Science: Continue with photosynthesis and cellular respiration

ELA- Shelton: Period 1-Steps 1,2,3, planners; Period 2-Spelling Test; Period 3-worksheets; Period 4 Dead letter cemetery project; Period 5 Practice Test

ELA- Warden: Spelling Test Next Friday; Reading Test Tuesday

8th Grade Assignments
Friday, October 3, 2014

Math: Groups 1,3,4-Multiplying & Dividing numbers in Scientific Notation; Group 2-One-step equations with subtraction, multiplying and dividing

SS: Finish Answers for TCAP lesson 10; map skills activity; No Homework

Science: Chapter 6 test / Study Island

ELA- Quinn- Spelling test and media study-Read book project book

ELA- Bowman- Spelling Test, Complete Media study; Read Book project book


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