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Please be advised that I am just learning this Google Classroom myself with only one day of instruction. Mrs. Ness informed me that I should eliminate the Google Docs until she can find out how to use them. She says you can just type your answers to the questions, and I will see them. I practiced with her daughter, and she was able to just type the answer so I could see it next to her name. Mrs. Ness says you are all familiar with that; therefore, I will not be giving permission for the Google Docs. I will look to see if there are emails that do not concern giving this permission. I will just delete those that do. Thank you for your patience.

Mr. Glenn A. McCarthy

Palmer p. said...
Blog is associated with the teachers on the website set of school notes with the support and information support. The advice here is that about I just learned the Google classroom that are read more real reviews here for myself with the answer of that kind of the questions.
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