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Moore 7-vocab 2and 3,and sh wks 1-11 lv reviews r11 cpmplete.8- vocab 2 and 3.

lusetti 7- cx or cd 6-16 finish I ready read 20-30 mins. 8-no homework.

Workman 8-ch.6 review packets.

Hile 7-vocab earths waters. 8- vocab contact forces.

Armrose 7- study for redos tommorow 8-practice page 14,17,18,19,19,20,21 Howe7- test

Frye 8-finish lessons 24-27 missing acion. l28 dance party compition.

House speaking quiz today test tmmorow.

clouse 8- triggering event

Carr 7-Chapter 4 lesson 3 read terms wks 4.3

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