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There are a huge number of companies these days who are building their in-house digital marketing team from scratch to cater to the need for digital marketing. The online penetration has been immense in the country which has lead to digital marketing to become a necessity and it has become difficult for the business to thrive without digital marketing. 


So, here it goes for the freshers with no prior digital marketing experience that too in order to kick start one’s career in this field it good to go systematically and a good idea to enrol themselves in the coaching institutes. This demand for digital marketing has lead to the emergence of a lot of training institutes for the same. Plus, attending online digital marketing courses also helps in networking, direct access to the trainer and to commit one to learn digital marketing with a set time frame.


Now look at the various profiles of digital marketing and their roles & responsibilities:


Inbound Marketing Manager:


An inbound marketing manager will need to build a major chunk of the marketing funnel for the company. The site traffic has to be taken charge of, converting this traffic into a new lead and nurturing these leads for conversion.


Some of the responsibilities include:

- Managing a good content that attracts a well-qualified audience to companies ebooks, blog posts, reports, webinars, info-graphics, etc.

- Building new leads from marketing-qualified leads by converting traffic with the use of calls-to-action and landing page.

- Marketing optimization has to be done through content, social channels and emails.

- Association with sales for the conversion of the customers


Social Media Manager:


It involves managing social media account by using strategies to grow followers, interact with them and retain them. Further convert these followers to customers, fans and active promoters of the company. One should know in and out of social media, be creative and need to have a knack of how social media customers work.


One must know the company’s social media presence in various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Manage and interact with the social media groups about the company. Run successful campaigns online, drive traffic from social media and especially track and measure return on investments. One must have proficiency with the use of social media software to have a look at various conversations going on with social media.


SEO Manager:


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