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The best thing my writing professor ever taught me was to write what I know. It always seemed pretty simple but the truth is it’s harder than you think. I have learned to just keep my fingers to the screen and my pen to the paper when I need to write. When I became an English tutor it was really important to me to make this point clear to my students. The first rule of thumb is to come up with a good topic in which to write about. I instilled this idea in my students as well as gave them the following tips to help them.

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2. After picking good topics in research papers it’s important to learn the basic format of a research paper. The introduction, the body and the conclusion. The introduction introduces the paper and the points you will be making are present. The body goes into great detail about the points you just made. The conclusion sums up the paper by reiterating the points again and closing out the paper. Be sure to have one citation per point being made to really drive your paper home. The citations should be cited appropriately.

3. Citing your outline is very important make sure. Be sure the appropriate citation method is used. There are many different ones, including but not limited to: Chicago, Harvard APA and MLA. The latter two are the most commonly used. In order to differentiate you can utilize the key below to help you.

For APA use this:

Last name, first name. (year published).Title of Book. City published. Publisher

For the in text citation use this method:

(Last name, year, pp. numbers of pages)


For MLA use this:

Last name of author, First name of Author. Title of Book. Place Published: Publisher. Year. Print.

MLA also uses footnotes instead of in text:

(Author, pp.#)

4. Be sure to edit your topics in research papers and look for all spelling and grammar errors. A good rule of thumb is to walk away from your paper for a couple of hours. When you return you will be surprised at the amount of errors you will find.

5. A good topic in a research paper should be the result of a great outline. In order to write a great outline you must first pick a topic. After this is done label each paragraph let’s say one to twenty. Make sure there are spaces in between each paragraph. This is where you will plug in the main points you will be making in that paragraph as well as the citations you will be using. If your outline is written correctly your paper will pretty much write itself.

After I talked to my students about the above tips as well as asked them to focus on writing research paper topics that interests them their papers really blossomed. There research was also more thorough see the students had more of an interests in what they were writing about.

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