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The site provides online university programs, degrees and indicators

People are looking for online university programs U.S. And the degree options have a new web tool for choosing the most suitable university distance education.

Challenge College Choit for adults, the new site lists information in standard format and to date, includes 12 universities and other institutions that offer accredited, online university degrees.

The website provides information in a standardized web fertilized format, such as a graduate survey and a national examination of students' interaction results, more widely known as NSSE.

The third party, the West Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications provides a guarantee of data quality. The idea of the site is designed for potential students, especially adults, looking for university distance education, find out how online degree and programs are aligned with career and educational purposes.

Accredited online universities listed on one site

Information is included in 12 listed online accredited university programs, includes:

  • Employment status of enrolled students
  • Student satisfaction rating
  • List of 21 issues that need to be set before enrollment, such as types of financial assistance, academic and student support services and available technical support

For example, visitors to the website can click on the Capella University to find out that online university university is offered, general registration, the average age of Capella students, how many students study full or part-time and race / ethnicity of students.

Potential students can also find out how current students and graduates assess the general experience at the university. For example, the site includes interest answers to such questions as requested if the university's experience contributed to the ability to write clearly and efficiently, to think critically and analytically and solve comprehensive problems.

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Universities, colleges offering additional information about degree programs

This new site is unique because it lists online university programs, however, higher-state institutions face an increased level of transparency of ratings and performance. For example, about 300 state universities and colleges have joined the creation of a website comparable information in college, which offers information about the performance of students according to standardized pre-test tests.

At the same time, several private, non-profit schools are an idea of the performance of students on standardized tests and the growing number of US countries and Canadian provinces in publicly a list, as graduates who graduates perform the graduate school of licensing inspection on areas such as care for care and physiotherapy.

Traditional, online universities offer ratings, data publicly

Students of future university students also have the best colleges in America U.S. News & World Reports, which provide comparisons for the performance of students on the tests adopted in high school before entering into a higher educational institution. However, the rating does not include any information about the performance of students on standardized tests undertaken immediately before obtaining undergraduate or high.

Potential students are looking for information about the programs of the online University of U.S., as well as degree options can add a new web tool as an information resource during a difficult decision where to start or continue university education. The strongest function of the new resource is its compile options for the online university program under one convenient website.

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