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Continuing Education Using Online Technology and Resources

The self-study and resources and resources of distance learning are provided for determining that someone is suitable for the formation of distance learning.

Distance learning, often referred to as remote education, provides flexibility to enroll and complete continuous education programs at times improved for an adult student. Distance learning requires good time management skills, self-determination and computer technical skills. These three basic requirements may not be suitable for the needs of all adults, expectations and learning style.

If you consider consideration of distance learning as the main method to complete the program of continuous education or the execution of partial software requirements, the overview of resources below will provide the idea of ​​what to expect in remote learning. These resources, although not a guarantee of success or not success will help determine the answer to the question - is it remote learning for you?

Distance Learning Style Self-Assessment

Below are important statements that must be completed before enrolling in the distance learning or course program (adapted from self-assessment of the distance learning Community Community Community).

1. Usually do homework and other tasks.

  • A. On time.
  • B. Last minute.
  • C. After the deadline.

2. Given that the slope on remote learning

  • A. Because flexibility matches my schedule.
  • B. To add another course in full load.
  • C. Because I can never do it in my campus.

3. When it comes to learning, you

  • A. Alone motivated.
  • B. Motivation is needed.
  • C. Wait until the last minute.

4. Face to face a meeting with an instructor and classmates

  • A. Not important.
  • B. Very useful, but not essential.
  • C. essential for my success.

5. As a student, my classification

  • A. Highly independent.
  • B. Regardless of.
  • C. Depends.

This brief self-esteem will provide an idea if you are suitable for distance learning. Evaluation 14 or better indicates that you are suitable for distance learning. Evaluation 6 or below indicates you, not suitable for distance learning. Any score between the 6-14 year points to serious attention should be done before crediting on distance learning. (A = 4, b = 2 and c = 0)

Additional information about distance learning styles and learning styles can be found by visiting distance learning: online enlightenment for adults.

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Computer Technical Skills Checklist for Distance Learning

If you can answer "yes" for the majority or on all these issues, you must be technically experienced for registration and complete the distance learning or course program.

  1. Do you know how to create folders and move on the directory to find files?
  2. Can you save and receive files from storage devices, such as hard disk and external discs?
  3. Can you create, delete, modify and save word processing document?
  4. Can you cut and insert images in a word processing document?
  5. Can you change the font size, page borders and styles, level alignment, etc.?
  6. Do you know how to book, celebrate your favorite sites on the Internet?
  7. Can you spend the Internet using Google, Yahoo, Aol, MSN or other online search catalog?
  8. Can you download and install browser plugins for Adobe Reader, Windows Media Player, Real Player, etc.?
  9. Can you create a list of email groups in the email address book?

Suitability for Continuing Education through Distance Learning

Distance learning or remote education is not for all. However, after consideration of self-esteem resources above, to determine whether you need distance learning, and the results indicate that you are suitable for distance learning, consider online learning strategies for online learning for adults for advice to succeed in remote learning. .

Distance learning provides a convenient way to complete continuous education programs and courses for those who are motivated independently, have good time management skills, and technically experienced. This method of training provides for those who have restrictions on work and family obligations, a perfect place to fulfill the desired requirements for the continuity of education.



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