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When autumn arrives, the foliage of the trees begins to take on brown, golden, yellow and green tones, so that the landscapes observed fill the eyes of the photographer, who advances by cracking the dried leaves on the ground, at the search for this image which can faithfully reflect this beautiful spectacle for all the senses. In this article, we present the first part of a series of tips for successful fall photos.
Fall Photoshoot Ideas - Corel Discovery Center

Tips for successful fall photos

1. Choose the place well

Before leaving your home to hunt for the most striking fall images, take the time to do some research on the Internet and identify some of the most emblematic places. You will find that with a little planning, it will be easier to find places that will meet your expectations. The beech forests and chestnut groves are the places par excellence for this type of photos, even if each place has its charm. In some places, the environment becomes monochromatic while in other places, it is the opposite: each species reacts differently to the fall season, for the benefit of a great visual variety.

2. Enjoy the parks and gardens

Even if they may not at first seem as spectacular as the wilderness, the usual places of frequentation of photographers can also give great fall photoshoots. The paths lined with trees and strewn with dead leaves, crossed by an embracing couple, are recurring images of this type of photo. So even if you are from the city, you have no excuse to stay home while the leaves fall from the trees.

3. Seek out the detail

To achieve a beautiful photo that represents the moment well, you don't always have to resort to open spaces or vast landscapes. Very often, a simple leaf, a mushroom, chestnuts open on the ground on a mantle of leaves or even children playing with dead leaves, are all subjects of interest to convey the essence of this season.

For this type of images, you will find very useful fixed focal length and bright lenses, with a focal range of 35 or 50 mm, macro optics or even cinema lenses.

4. Protect your gear from the rain

The cold and the rain typical of autumn can surprise you while you are out for a walk. To avoid unpleasant surprises and unnecessary risks for the safety of your equipment, do not forget to take a waterproof cover in your camera backpack. In this way, you will be able to react in time while protecting your equipment and not to miss a great opportunity to take great photos. If you don't have a cover yet, you can get by with a plastic bag and a rubber band. The main thing is that your equipment stays protected from the rain.

5. Change the color temperature

At the time of film photography, the use of a warm filter of orange color, was generally advised to reinforce the feeling of heat and autumnal of these brown tones which cover the ground and the trees. With the advent of digital photography, color filters have fallen into disuse since now the color temperature of your camera can be easily changed by playing a little on the white balance.


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