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Being part of the community interested in online casino slots development I am constantly in the process of tracking what other people in the niche say, even if what they say is just theory or ideas. Someone’s good ideas can help other people get their own good ideas or even better ideas, that can be used in practice. 


Online casino slots have been at the peak of popularity for years now, and I don’t think this trend ends anytime soon, but the approaches to making the slots do change, and tracking where the whole niche goes is very useful to keep up with the users’ preferences. Having checked out some recent posts and interviews, I have noticed a couple of interesting trends or rather hints on major trends. 

The first major trend that has been around for quite a while is VR gambling, and it is generally applicable to all games, including slots. Everyone has been talking about VR casinos and casino games since the arrival of the VR technologies as such, but few have managed to try and offer anything practical. However, today VR gambling seems to be gaining some new momentum due to the Metaverse, a new and expensive digital toy that will potentially bring lots of money to those software developers that know how to use the opportunity. So what I think we will soon see is not only “mobile-compatible” as a must for online casino slot games, but also “VR-compatible”. 

Some may argue that high-quality slots are already good enough to be represented in the Metaverse and VR-compatible is nonsense if the software and mechanics are right. However, visuals are important, my friends, and those developers who are not lazy to try and add more VR-compatible visuals to their games will immediately gain an advantage, compared to providers that do not have the resources, the skill, or the desire to use the opportunity. 

The second big trend is customization for all slots, the more the better. Some of the leading providers now say that a customizable experience for the player, including night mode, left-hand mode, etc., makes the players more loyal to the game and to the developer, ad generally suggests a better user experience. People are more willing to play the game longer per session and tend to return to the game more often because they feel comfortable using it. So we have to keep customization in mind as a must, too.


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