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Botox training allows skilled healthcare professional to pick up a new skill: the successful and adept injection of Botox to lessen and prevent facial wrinkles. When done right, Botox doesn’t produce the so-called “frozen face” syndrome so commonly associated with it -- but it does produce hassle-free income for dental, cosmetic surgery and other kinds of healthcare practices.


A Weekend Of Training


In many cases, it’s possible for a healthcare professional to learn the additional skill of accurately and precisely injecting Botox during a weekend Botox training session. Held in major cities around the world, these sessions often include hands-on practice on real people as well as simulated faces and can include training for a wide variety of complementary and related injections and procedures.

After all, Botox training isn’t complicated, difficult or time-consuming. It simply takes a skill that most clinicians have anyway and enhances it to the level necessary to perform these injections with the right level of safety and effectiveness.


No-Hassle Income

Many practices find that offering Botox is a sensible way to increase income while also increasing customer satisfaction. In fact, customers often expect dentists, spas and laser hair removal facilities to offer Botox, so it makes sense for at least one person from each of these kinds of offices to have Botox training.


And since insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic procedures like Botox, the payment collection is easy. Many offices accept cash in advance only, meaning there’s no paper work to mess with.


So why not get Botulinum Toxin instruction for yourself or someone else in your office? If you’re good at your current job, you’ll probably be great at Botox injections after you undergo the right training. And don’t worry: the trainer will tell you if your skills are lacking and help you reach completion quickly and painlessly.

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