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As you may be aware, we launched a NEW, updated version of the SchoolNotes website a few years ago. Most of our members have now migrated over to the new platform so we will be closing the OLD SchoolNotes platform effective 10/31/2015.

As of October 31st, you will not be able to access your OLD account (nor your content) unless you register a new account and migrate your content to the new platform.

Good news! Migrating over to the new platform is very easy. Just follow these 4 steps:

  1. As a backup, we recommend you extract and save the content from your old account (page information, contact lists, etc.) onto your computer.
  2. Register your new account on the updated platform
  3. Once activated, navigate to the Account Management section and follow the instructions on the 'Import Pages' tab.
  4. Review your imported content for any issues that may need correcting and, enjoy using NEW SchoolNotes!

We have newly updated tutorials available to help you through the transition. We are also available to answer any questions, help correct any issues, and generally make sure you and your students/parents have a smooth transition.

Get started, register your new account and begin sharing the updated experience today!

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