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Teacher Resources

SchoolNotes is packed with useful resources ranging from lesson plan ideas to technology in education to, well, you get the idea. It's all right here at the touch of your finger tips, so go ahead and dig in!

Practice At Home: The Art of Written Communication

Although not quite so simple - school is for learning, teachers are for teaching, and parents are the glue that brings education and real life experience together. It is your job as a parent to reinforce what your child is learning at school and help them expand that knowledge into real world skills.

Lesson Plans

EducationWorld offers a huge collection of lesson plans for all subjects and grades. Choose a holiday lesson, or browse lessons by subject. Want to build students' self-esteem? My Positive Traits lets them celebrate their best characteristics.

Tech in the Classroom

Tech in the Classroom articles examine technology, software and gadgets for use in schools. Check out EdWorld's review of this virtual keyboard, a cool laser-projected keyboard that works with tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Lesson Plan Boosters

Want to liven things up? Lesson Plan Boosters let you build positive connections with young people. Get into the minds of early 20th-century Americans with Lesson Plan Booster: Predicting the Future, which examines the assumptions underlying films that depict bullying.

Web Site Reviews

Let EducationWorld be your guide as we highlight Web winners for educators. Dig into the archive. Here's one example ― Site Review: iCivics. Access the nation's most comprehensive, standards-aligned civics curriculum freely available on the Web.

Learning Games

Seeking to reward students? EducationWorld has an extensive collection of fun and educational activities. Browse our Friday Fun page, 5-Minute Fillers and collection of Math Games. Try Read the Teacher's Mind which asks students to brainstorm original words.

Classroom Problem Solver

If you're stumped by student behavior, our Classroom Problem Solver articles are like having a professional counselor on call! For example, learn learn how to best support ESL/ELL students.
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