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Dear parents

Most of us don't spend time thinking about trash and garbage. We might give the problem some thought when our community needs a new landfill.We the think studying how to reduce, reuse, and recycle trash and garbage will engage children because they are familiar with and curious about the topic.


We need your help gathering items to investigate. We' ll need many different objects and pictures related to trash and garbage. We will begin our study by collecting them. Items such as

trash cans, bottles, juice boxes, small boxes ( please wash these before sending them to school),  tissue and paper towel roll, old magazine, newspapers, popscicle sticks etc.

As we study Recycling we  learn, literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts and technology.

We will look at topics such as ; What do people throw away, Where does trash go? what do workers do there?, How do trash and garbage affect our community, How can we reuse junk?, How can we create less trash.


What you can do at home

Talk to your child about trash and garbage. Help raise your child awareness of the kinds of trash and garbage your family creates each day.If you recycle at home, help your child take responsibility for sorting items into your family's recycling boxes.


Thank you

Ms Rattray

ASSIGNED TO: PreK Lead Teacher

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