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Make your app launch fast

Test your app before uploading it to the Google Play Store or app store. An ideal app should take 2 - 3 seconds to launch. If your app is taking more time to launch, users will uninstall it and look for its alternative. Moreover, they can also give bad ratings and write bad reviews on the Play Store. Bad ratings prevent other users to install your app.

Perform a quality check for your app before making it available on the Play Store

Users are impatient. They can give bad ratings and write bad reviews for the app even if a single feature is not working. Hence, it is better to perform full quality and performance check before making the app available on the Play Store. It is recommended to test your application on various versions of the Android operating system.

The quality and performance check will let you know about all the holes in your app. So that, you will do a needful in order to improve those flaws. In order to get good review ratings and god comments on the Play Store, quality and performance check is mandatory.

Integrate a crash reporting tool


Consider a situation in which your app gets crashed unexpectedly and unfortunately, you have not integrated any crash reporting tool on the app. The users can contact you via the support email mentioned in the app description. But in this case, you have not any idea about the cause of the crash. This may take a long time to fix the problem.

A crash reporting tool sends a crash report to the developer. This crash report contains an information about the actual cause of the problem. By analyzing the crash report, the developer can solve the issue within time.

Upload good quality images

Images play an important role in the installation of an app. It is the images that users see at first before installing any application. If you upload bad quality images which do not display the features of the app clearly, users cannot install your app. Hence, always upload the screenshots of your app in high quality.


Optimize the images


Your app is going to run on mobile phones of different screen sizes. Hence, it is important to optimize the images as per the layout of a variety of screens before launching the app on the Play Store.

Make a proper release plan

Now your app reaches the final stage. Do not make hurry to launch the app. Take your time in making a proper release plan. Most of the top mobile app developers always have a proper release plan.

Content is the king

There are a lot of apps similar to yours on the Play Store. Hence, the apps with good content and SEO score will rank at the top of the list. In order to make your app visible on the Play Store, you have to write the content with good SEO score. For this, you have to do keyword research on the internet. If you do not have the knowledge of content writing and SEO, it is better to hire a freelance SEO expert for your project.


There are more than 3.5 million apps available on the Play Store. This means you will have to face tough competition to make your app visible on the Play Store and to make it favorite of many users. This can be done easily by following the above-listed steps.


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