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Hitachi is one of the brands that consumers believe is prevalent and which they are very trusting of. If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaners from Hitachi, let's check it out!


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1. Hitachi CV-SH18 1800W 1.6L



● Pros


Equipped with HEPA filter combined with Nano Titanium deodorant. It has the ability to remove 99.99% of bacteria and radioactive substances that are harmful to health, bringing fresh air to your home.


The dust container has a 1.6L capacity.


It is very easy to use.


It uses Hitachi's proprietary dust compression technology. The amount of dust entering the container will be reduced by 50%.


It is equipped with dust warning lights. When the dustbin is full, the machine will signal the light to let you know to empty it in time.


Excellent suction power, up to 350W along with Modern Cyclonic cyclone suction technology creates a powerful attraction and picks up dust quickly.


This is a high durability machine. If you use and store the device correctly, it works very stably and has a long life.


There are three suction heads: floor suction head, slot suction head, and suction head with the brush to help you clean every surface in the house such as carpet, floor, wall, curtain, table, and chair.


This vacuum has convenient moving wheels.


● Cons


Although the manufacturer does not specify the noise level of the machine, users have measured the noise level at about 78 dB, so you should limit the use of the device at night!


Weight of 4.7 kg is a bit heavy.


Compared to other products with the same function, Hitachi CV-SH18 vacuum cleaner has a slightly higher price.


2.Hitachi CV-SH20V 2000W


● Pros


7-step filter system with HEPA filter and Nano Titanium deodorizer helps clean air safely.


Large wheels for conveniently moving around the house.


Modern dust compression technology helps compress 50% of the size of dust particles. Moreover, it is equipped with a dust warning light to remind users to dump the debris before the container is full.


Large capacity dust container, about 1.6L


Suction capacity 460W. There is a Cyclone vortex system that creates a powerful suction, dust, and dirt attraction.


Fully equipped with floor suction heads, slot suction heads, suction heads with brushes. You can clean every surface and location in your house such as floors, carpets, chairs, and walls


● Cons


The machine works quite loudly, at about 78 dB or more.


Weighs 4.9 kg; it will be a bit heavy if you have to carry it upstairs.


Comparing models in the same price range, many other brands have added liquid suction function. However, the Hitachi cv-sh20v 2000W has not.


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3.Hitachi CV-950Y 2000W



● Pros


Huge capacity dust container, up to 18L.


The suction capacity is very powerful; nothing less than high-end vacuum cleaner products.


There are two flexible Suction and Blowing modes.


Equipped with a HEPA filter and Titanium deodorizing technology to kill 99% of harmful bacteria to purify the air.


There is a signal light that indicates when the dust container is almost full, prompting you to dump it in time. It is easy to use and ensures a long life for the machine.


This model has a modern, luxurious, and eye-catching design.


● Cons


It weighs 6.3 Kg; quite inconvenient if you have to move it to a higher floor.


It is quite noisy while operating (about 80 dB).


Featuring an extremely reasonable price compared to the quality and durability of the product, it is worth buying for a family who is looking for a vacuum cleaner with a mid-range price.


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Hopefully, through the above article, you can easily choose a vacuum cleaner that best suits your family's needs. If you want to know more about other steam cleaners


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