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Each year, schools and colleges welcome many students on site for admission. A lot of money, time and resources are spent in this process. If done manually, it puts a lot of pressure on the management staff who need to record all the details and keep the form right.


However, this can be easily made using school management software. Doing it by hand will help reduce the stress caused by the admissions process. The online admissions process makes it very easy for staff to save time and resources. It also helps to gain a lot of competitive advantage through its features.


What is the best school management software?

School management software is one of the best software to effectively manage the school's administrative activities. [1] This allows schools to monitor and manage activity resources and information in one place. Online school management is used to increase efficiency productivity and consequently save a lot of time.


Automate everything from attendance recording to report generation. This allows parents to keep track of their children's grades and reduces the likelihood of mistakes as they do not have to manage data with pen and paper. You can also save a lot of money for your school by letting staff focus on what's more important.


Features of school management system software

The School Management app provides benefits and features for administrators parents and students. Some of the features of the online school management system are:


Features for administrators

Instant notification:

The software allows real-time presentations in the management office. As a result, students can receive presentations on time and further prepare accordingly.

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  Easy employee management

The school management application makes it easy to manage your staff with built-in features such as shift management, effective work distribution, and incentive record keeping.


Easy publishing of results

Another great feature for admins is to easily schedule exams. You can also post your results along with this.


  Fee management

One of its most useful features is commission management. You can check transaction history and notify parents of fees and deadlines for various payment methods.


Features for parents

Parents can easily check their child's attendance.

School management software allows parents to check their children's attendance. The app also sends a notification from the parent whether the child is in class.


Homework details and schedule updates

Online school management software allows parents to view homework assignments to their children. You can also check the teacher's comments and suggestions for your child's homework. Jeevan will tell you whether your homework was submitted on time. The software also provides parents with constant updates on fees, exam events, and more.


  Update test and results

Parents can view their child's test schedule and scorecard.


Features for students

Notifications regarding deployment

School management software allows students to see how many employers are interested in hiring students on campus. It also updates the offer and placement status and the final offer for other candidates.


  Review results update

School management system software provides students with updates on exams and results and stays ready.


Features for teachers and faculty

As mentioned above, all functions are also used by teachers and faculty. Teachers can easily log attendance, change timetables, assign homework to students, and write scores.


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